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Top Ten Bad Movies to Watch on Halloween

Published by Silas Colacone

Horror movies in general are not critically revered the way films in other genres are. There are notable exceptions, but most horror films are purposely campy, at least from a celebrating violence standpoint. The other genres I deem suitable for Halloween viewing, sci-fi movies and thrillers, are less often so, but still have a few duds.

So, I’m coming from my point of view and presenting my opinion. It may differ from yours, but I hope this list will give you some good ideas of movies to watch (and think about).

10) “Twilight” (2016)

“Twilight” probably disappointed many by advertising itself as a vampire film and then being nothing more than a poorly-constructed, ridiculously toothless love story. There’s much to discuss about this film — mostly the flaws in Stephenie Meyer’s paper thin plot.

9) “Leprechaun” (1993)

Most of this movie’s devoted followers claim that the film’s awkwardness is intentional, and I’m inclined to somewhat agree; I can’t possibly believe that anyone creating a film about a leprechaun would take it too seriously. That said, the jokes fall flat, and the film feels too much like its desperate to become a cult staple (surprise! It did) to fully enjoy. (And yes, Jennifer Aniston’s in it. She acts about as well as she usually does.)

8) “Little Nicky” (2016)

I’m not completely anti-Adam Sandler, and I can admit that a lot of his films have their own charm. “Little Nicky,” about Satan’s gawky son, is surprisingly juvenile — even for Sandler. I don’t think a single element about this film works.

7) “Manos, the Hands of Fate” (1966)

This movie, often wrongly labeled as the worst movie of all-time, is something to watch if only to say you did. Not quite so scary as boring, it takes a lot of will to make it through, but there are some bright spots, like the characters of Torgo and the Master. Discussing with friends will make this film much more bearable.

6) “Freddy Vs. Jason” (2016)

The heartless crossover, pitting two horror legends against each other, is cliche, vulgar and no fun at all. It’s pretty much what you think it’s about.

5) “Bride of Chucky” (1998)

It’s pretty much what you think it’s about. And it’s not funny. But it tries. Really hard.

4) “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974)

This is the one of the movies I think people will protest being on this list. Yes, I’m taking about this one and not the Jessica Biel remake (though that one is bad too). If you watch this movie at your Halloween party, a lot of your guests will undoubtedly claim that it’s great. It’s violent and chilling, all you could want from a horror film, right? But there’s something it’s missing.

3) “The Black Cat” (1934)

Unless you’re a bad movie connoisseur, the only place you’ve probably heard of Bela Lugosi is in Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood,” starring Johnny Depp. “The Black Cat” is one of the few movies where he gets to play the hero. Genuinely spooky, if a little cheesy, it’s one bad film that I actually really enjoy. (I would also recommend the 1956’s “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Black and white, melodramatic and lots of fun.)

2) “Monster a Go-Go” (1965)

If you like movies that waste your time, don’t make any sense and are overall just eye-gougingly bad, then this film’s for you!

1) “Funny Games” (2016)

This is the other film people won’t like being on this list. I’m specifically referring to the 2016 version, the American version. This film was made for the sole purpose of being discussed, at least as far director Michael Haneke is concerned. The message its aiming to convey may be a good one, but it’s coming from a wrong, hypocritical, and condescending place.

And there you go: Ten bad movies to watch on Halloween and analyze. I hope you have a good time!

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