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Top Ten Creative Halloween Treats that Are Not Candy

Published by Jeanmarie Tushoski

McDonald’s Have a Cheap Solution for Future Rewards

Wendy’s has those great Halloween coupon books for the Frosty. McDonald’s has trick or treat books. They usually only cost a $1.00 or so per book and you can divide the books. From McDonald’s, kids will get a free hamburger, apple dippers, ice cream cone, or a juice or jug of milk. From Wendy’s they get a free Frosty. Come to think of it, I need some of those just for meals during the week. How else could you spend $1.00 and be able to get three hamburgers, three juices or milk, three ice cream cones and three apple dippers? Wow, that is economical eating in these dire times. And what kid does not love fast food, hmmm?

Glow in the Dark for Kiddie Ghouls

I have been able to find these lately at my local dollar chain store. These are the necklaces and bracelets that glow green or purple for hours after being “snapped.” Pass out the glowing jewelry at the door and help your local kids glow in the dark and be safe. I usually find them two to a pack for $1.00.

Magic Tricks Work Like Magic

I have found these lately at the dollar store chains, as well. For a dollar, you get a whole pack of amateur magic tricks. There are several packs available. One has handcuffs and another has magic illusion cards. Yet another has the rings where you learn to magically pass one metal ring through another.

All the Colors in a Halloween Rainbow

Buy big sets of markers or crayons and dump them into a big bowl. You can often find these very inexpensively if you stick to the generic brands. You can pass a few crayons and a few markers. I must tell you however, the markers will be more popular.

A Moldable Halloween Treat

At discount stores and dollar store chains, you can buy a pack of play dough in a multi pack of eight tubs for $1.00. They are colorful and cute and are a very inexpensive treat. All kids love play dough. If you want to be really creative and have time I usually don’t have, then you could make individual labels for each one that says something like “Halloween Brains” or anything similar.

All of these ideas work for parties at the school, as well. You just have to think outside the box and get away from those peanut butter cups.

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