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Top Ten Halloween Party Games for Kids

Published by Tona Bernstrom

Halloween games with your kids.

A really fun game to get Halloween started is a dancing contest. Gather all the kids into a big room. Make sure you remove all the furniture out of the room so it won’t get into the way of the festivities. Tell the kids that they are going to have a dance off. They have to show you their best moves to fun and scary Halloween music. You can find kid friendly Halloween music at your local Wal-Mart. You can make them really excited by telling them that the kid with all the best moves will win a prize. The kids who don’t win will still have a good time wiggling around the room to Monster Mash. This is a great game for Halloween because it’s really simple to play and it can start of the evening for your kids. Kids love to dance and they can show off their moves in this contest.

Another fun musical game is musical chairs but the Halloween version. It’s the same as the original game but with Halloween music. If you don’t know how to play the game, then all you have to do is buy some scary and fun Halloween music. Then you have to line up several chairs. The number of chairs you get is according to how many children are playing the game. If you have six children playing the game, then you line up only five chairs. You make all the kids line up by the chairs. Then you play the music and have them walk around the chairs. Then you stop the music without giving any warning and the kids have to sit down in one of the chairs. Whichever kid is not sitting in one of the chairs are out of the game. That you continue doing the same thing until only one kid is left sitting. That kid is the winner. Tell the kids that whoever wins gets a prize. Musical chairs is a game you can play at anytime of the year.

The scariest night of the year wouldn’t be the same without a game dealing with pumpkins. The Pumpkin Toss is a game for kids of all ages. You will need a large pumpkin and a couple of bags of mini candy bars. All you have to do is cut a large hole at the top of the pumpkin. Then have the kids, one by one, try to throw a piece of candy in the pumpkin. Whoever makes it in the hole, gets to keep the candy bar. You can also give the kid who gets the most candy in the pumpkin a prize. This game will be perfect for Halloween because all of the kids can participate.

This game is really simple and with this game everybody wins a prize. All you have to do is boil some pasta. Drain and rinse the pasta and place it in a big bowl. Then for texture, add oil and grapes to the pasta. Then put rubber and plastic snakes, spiders, bugs, or any toy that has to do with Halloween. Then place a towel over the bowl and let each kid feel their way around the bowl. Tell them to pull something out of the pull. Watch them be surprise to see a toy hiding in the gooey bowl. The kids will have lots of fun just by sticking their hands in the bowl.

The best way to celebrate a special occasion is with a piñata. You can find a Halloween theme piñata at your local toy or grocery store. You can feel it up with Halloween candy and toys. Buy a stick for the kids to hit the piñata with. The kids will have lots of fun trying to bust up the piñata and collect the candy.

This game involves lots and lots of toilet paper. It’s called Wrap a Mummy. First you separate the kids into small groups. Then give each group a roll of toilet paper. Choose one kid from the group to be the mummy. Have the other kids wrap the mummy with the toilet paper. Make sure to tell them to don’t cover the eyes or nose. Whoever does it the fastest, the neatest, and the most creative gets a prize.

This game is really simple. Everybody of all ages will have lots of fun. All you have to do is cook a big bowl of oatmeal. Put it in the refrigerator so it can cool off. Then put small Halloween toys in the oatmeal. Have each kid put their hands in the oatmeal. Let them dig out one of the prizes. Make sure they close their eyes before they stick their hands in the oatmeal. The kids will have a fun time trying to get their prizes.

Now this game is for teens. Everybody have played Truth or Dare. This game is a Halloween version of it. It’s called Truth or Scare. If a person picks truth, then you have to ask them to tell a scary story, or they have to tell you either fears. You can also ask them other questions but they have to be Halloween related. If the person choose scare, you have to tell them to do something really scare. The teens will love this game.

This game is really fun. The kids will have a blast acting silly. Tell the kids to lie down on the floor. Choose one kid to be “it.” Then tell the person who is “it” to try to make the other kids to laugh. The kid can dance, make funny faces, or anything that will make the other kids laugh. The kids who laugh will join the person who is “it” in making the rest of the group laugh. Whoever doesn’t laugh or holds out the longest, wins a prize.

Everybody has played Pin the Tail on the Donkey. This game is the Halloween version of it. It’s called Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin. All you have to do is make or buy a large picture of a pumpkin. Then you will need a cutout shape of a nose. Put double side tape on the back of the nose. Then blindfold each child and have them try to pin the nose on the pumpkin. Whoever is the closest wins a prize.

You can let your kids play these games before trick or treating or after. Or you can let them play these games instead of going trick or treating. All of these games have one thing in common. They are guaranteed to make this year’s Halloween for your kids the best one they have ever had.

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