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Top Ten Vampire Movies for Halloween

Published by Shannon Majocka

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People of all ages love Halloween movies. While some kids are out trick-or-treating, and some adults are hitting the Halloween party circuit, others are having movie marathons. But you can’t have a Halloween movie marathon without at least one vampire film. This spooky holiday dictates that the right films be selected for certain groups of people. There are dozens of blood-sucking movies out there-all with varying themes. Here’s how to pick the right vampire flick for your Halloween movie marathon.

For Intellectual Horror Fans: Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Those who prefer a more stoic approach to their horror will appreciate Interview with the Vampire. This 1994 film based on an Anne Rice novel is sure to stimulate “riveting” conversation.

For Leftover Goths: Queen of the Damned (2016)

In keeping with the Anne Rice theme is her 3rd novel, Queen of the Damned. But this film adaptation will appeal more to former Goth enthusiasts, and those without the patience to get through one entire chapter of an Anne Rice novel.

For Real Fright Seekers: Salem’s Lot (1979, 2016)

This Stephen King book has been fleshed out on screen twice. Both films pack authentic scares. Rent both during your Halloween movie marathon to freak out all generations.

For Eclectic Indie Film Lovers: Let the Right One In (2016)

If you’re one of those people sick of the customary treatment of vampire films, you will love the bleak, mysterious atmosphere of Let the Right One In. This Swedish-language movie puts a tender twist on the traditional vampire movie, and is both bitter and sweet.

For the Sexy Singles’ Halloween: True Blood (Showtime, 2016)

Vampirism has hit an all-time high in popularity. The racy and graphic nature of this hit vampire series will certainly spice up your singles’ Halloween bash.

For Historians with a Taste for Blood: Dracula (1992)

Mature Halloween revelers will be drawn to the story behind Dracula’s morbid existence. But the bleary cinematography and sweeping special effects will chill you to the bone.

For Lovers of Campy Nostalgia: Vamp (1986)

Children of the 80’s or merely those who don’t take Halloween too seriously might want to include Vamp on their marathon list. Starring Grace Jones, this brash piece of cinema is great for those who want to add a dash of nostalgia to their horror-fest.

For Guys’ Night In: Blade Trilogy

Guys hanging in on Halloween night (do men really do that?) with nothing but beer and time on their hands will have a better time shooting the breeze if the Blade movies are running back-to-back.

For the Tweens: Twilight (2016)

There is simply no way you can host a ‘Tween slumber party on Halloween without including Twilight. Enough said.

For Sophisticated Halloween Revelers: The Hunger (1983)

Those who have enough years (or experience) to appreciate the depth of David Bowie’s acting abilities will definitely want to add The Hunger to their Halloween line-up. This slick film features a chic vampire couple (David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve), a nubile Susan Sarandon, and ever-creepy opening Bauhaus song, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.”





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