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Top Toys for Christmas for 3 to 5-Year-Olds: Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Preschoolers to Kindergarteners

Published by Kristin Cooksey

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Here is a detailed description of the hottest toys for kids aged between three and five years old, based on a mom-tested toy list from Parenting.com. Read all about these fun and interesting toys from a robotic panda cub that snores when it sleeps to a building block set made from natural and green pine.

Alive Mini Cub

These robotic animal cubs can be found in a variety of forms such as a panda, lion, tiger, leopard, polar bear and koala. They are made by WoWee and are soft and cuddly on the outside but have a number of robotic features, allowing them to respond to movement. For example, the cub closes its eyes and mouth if a child pets it. If no one iplays with it for more than five minutes, the animal will also close its eyes and go to sleep, snores and all. This toy is for kids aged three and older.

Automoblox Minis

Automoblox Minis are wooden cars made of high quality materials that have interchangeable parts. Manhattan Toy puts out a wide variety of these vehicles in different shapes, colors and sizes. They can be put together to make one really long vehicle as well. The minis are made for kids three and above.

Chimp and Zee Silly Socks

This is a game that has to do with laundry for three to five-year-olds. The child is given a laundry basket to try to collect matching socks from the washing machine – without getting the underwear! It’s a fun variation of the popular Go Fish card game. Chimp and Zee Silly Socks is made by Paul Lamond Games.


This is a building toy with 200 wood pieces that are made from 100 per cent non-toxic New Zealand pine. Kids can build them into all sorts of different structures like towers, houses and animals. No glue or snaps are needed, and there are no tiny pieces that may go missing. This toy made by CitiBlocs is best for kids aged three and up.


Color Wonder Fingerpaints and Paper

Crayola has come up with a fun and cleaner approach to finger painting. This paint set has clear paint that only shows the color on special paper. So it won’t show on clothes, walls and floors. This product is for kids three years old and up.

Drive, Chip, & Putt Golf Trainer

This golf set is made for kids aged two to six. It can be used inside and outside and includes a tethered ball arm that can rotate for safe hits off the tee and chipping indoors. Two clubs and balls, a removable flag and a storage base are included in this sporty gift set.

Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck

Rocky is a talking yellow dump truck with more than 70 phrases. If a child loads it with blocks, it will actually say “That’s heavy!” Rocky will dance if a child tells it to dance and it will even snore when told to go to sleep. Mattel makes this toy for kids aged three and older.

Mouse Match

This is a game for kids aged four and older. The rounds are short and the rules simple for this age group. The goal is for a player to push his mouse out of a tunnel to see if it matches the cheese. The person with the biggest amount of cheese at the end wins the game.

My Little Pony Ponyville Sweetie Belle’s Gumball House

Sweetie Belle pony comes with the gumball house, along with two wigs and a number of other accessories. It includes a kitchen with utensils to “bake” muffins and an oven with a light that works. There is a musical elevator to take her up to her room and even toothpaste and toothbrush to clean her teeth before she goes to bed. There is also a seesaw for her to play with. This toy is made for kids aged three and above by Hasbro.

Text & Learn

Leapfrog makes this toy for kids aged three and older. It allows kids to send text messages back and forth with Scout the puppy. The handheld toy also helps kids to learn shapes, the alphabet, QWERTY keyboarding and follow instructions. It says out words and also provides instances when or where a certain word can be used.

Uno Moo!

This is the game Uno, but created for the preschool crowd. It comes with a farmhouse and four haystack partitions. Kids have to collect groupings of either the same animal or of the same color. It helps kids learn about matching and colors and comes with 28 animal and farmer figurines. It’s made by Mattel.

Shopping for preschoolers and kindergarteners can be made easier by choosing from any of these unique, fun and interesting toys.

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