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Training Circuit Exercises

Published by Etha Nyberg

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Training circuit exercises can be designed to isolate one specific area such as your upper body, core or lower body, or all three areas can be targeted. Many training circuit exercises can be performed at home with minimal equipment. However, training in a gym with resistance equipment will provide a much more intense workout.

Upper Body Exercises

Upper body exercises for training circuits can be performed at home with nothing more than a set of hand weights. Upper-body workout should target the arms, shoulders and upper back. Runningplanet.com recommends push-ups to isolate the upper back and shoulders. Push-ups are performed with the hands shoulder-width apart and back stiffened to stabilize the body. Triceps presses are performed to target the triceps muscles. To perform the triceps press, kneel down in front of a low bench and place palms flat on bench. Straighten your body and slowly rise with you arms until your arms are fully extended. Bicep curls are designed to isolate the bicep muscles. Perform by using light dumb bell’s, with arms to your side, slowly bend your arm at the elbow. Repeat.

Core Circuit Training

Body core circuit training exercises consist of workouts that target the abdominal muscles. The most common exercises to target the stomach muscles are set-ups and crunches. To perform sit-ups, lie on your back and bend your legs at the knees. Slowly raise, bending at the waist. Repeat. The stomach crunch is performed in almost the same fashion as the sit-up. When performing a stomach crunch, instead of raising and lowering, you raise until the muscles are straining and hold for a few seconds. While these exercises can be performed at home, using resistance equipment at a gym offers a wider variety and more intense workout.

Lower Body Training

Lower body workouts consist of targeting the legs. Leg exercises isolate the quads, calves and hamstring muscles.Menshealth.com recommends performing squats to strengthen the legs. To perform squats, stand with your feet a little beyond shoulder width. Keep your back naturally arched, pushing the hips back, bend your knees, lower your body until the tops of your thighs are at least parallel to the floor.Military.com explains the idea behind the training circuit as a work out that will take you to your maximum physical effort and your maximum heart rate. The object is not to rest in between exercises. One minute of exercise will burn out the muscle group being used as well as increase your heart rate.

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