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Tricks for Treats: Get The Most Candy on Halloween

Published by Adell Enriguez

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x Rule number one: If you want the most treats on Halloween, you must be the cutest one in your group, or at the very least, you must have the best (most unique) costume. Lucky for me, I’m extremely good-looking, but if you are not, then you must simply go trick-or-treating with those that are less attractive than you are. If you are with a bunch of uglies, then by contrast, you will shine like a star.

Regarding costumes, make sure to have the best costume you can afford. It pays to be creative. Not only am I attractive, but I’m also very fortunate to have the talent to make my own custom-made, deluxe, Halloween costumes each and every year. If you’re not in the same boat as me, then just be creative. Anything unusual is a great costume idea for Halloween. Some past costumes I’ve had include: a bat, a ladybug, a turtle, a devil, a bunny, a shark, a skunk, and a skeleton. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box either. If you are a male, dressing as a princess will surely get you plenty of treats.

Rule number two: There’s a saying that goes “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This applies to Halloween because you should not limit your trick-or-treating to just one neighborhood. Start early. After you’re done with your own neighborhood, walk to the nearest neighborhood (if it’s not too far) and start again. By doing this, you’ll have twice as many treats! If you can’t walk to another neighborhood, you can have someone else drive you to the luxury communities whose residents give out king-size candy bars. If you’re going to drive anyway, you might as well drive to the best places!

Rule number three: Look hungry and pathetic. Keep in mind you still need to look cute (see rule number one). It helps to keep a decoy treat bag with you, which will be small and empty. This small, empty treat bag is the bag you want others to see. However, since you are so cute and have a great costume, you will, no doubt, have a lot of candy. This candy needs to be hidden in a separate bag that you must hide under your costume! By doing this, you will guarantee that others will take pity on you and your “empty treat bag” and in turn will get you more treats!

Rule number four: Always bring a flashlight. I realize there are predators out there, cruel people who are eager to steal your hard-earned candy. If you have a flashlight, not only will you have the benefit of being able to see, but you will also be less likely to be picked on…especially since you are with a group of ugly people (see rule number one)! And if you do get picked on anyway, then it’s best to shine that flashlight right in the eyes of whoever is brazen enough to steal your treats.




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