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True Hauntings and Halloween Stories

Published by Marisa Coen

We turned out the  lights and sat in the pitch dark. As we began telling our stories, one of my cousins saw something and asked everyone what it was. After some confusion we all looked in the same place. There was a pair of glowing, yellow-green eyes staring at us from within the wall.

The older cousin turned on the light and the eyes disappeared. We decided that it was some sort of animal in the wall and the eyes had picked up some light from somewhere within the room and that was why the eyes were glowing. We stuck a whip cream bowl in the hole and decided the matter was closed. We turned off the lights and began our story telling again. The eyes were back in the same location with the same eerie yellow-green glow. We ran out of there as fast as we could. Some of us ran out the door, the rest up the spiral stairs.

We met in the large formal living room. After we all decided we would always tell stories by candlelight after that, we decided we could use a snack. We did not discuss what it could be, we all knew. The Mansion was haunted. I went with my oldest sister and cousin to the kitchen. My sister was at the sink rinsing some vegetables for a veggie tray when she suddenly froze and just stared out the window with a terrified look on her face. I was so scared I did not know what to do. My sister never got scared.

When she would not answer me I grabbed a chair and pulled it to the sink so I could look out the window too. By this time my cousin had already gone to the window and ran screaming from the room. I was terrified, but needed to know what was out there. What I saw when I looked out that window made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and the blood drain from my face.

I stood there on the chair trembling in fear as I watched a stick beat a dog to death. The stick was floating in midair. There was no person anywhere near it. The poor dog could not get away. It was as though something were holding it in place. I began to cry and that seemed to shake my sister out of her own terror. She took me from the kitchen back into the other room, where our cousin was relating the story of what she had seen.

My sister, in an attempt to calm all of us down, told us that the stick must be caught in some fencing and the dog must have been wearing a leash of some sort that was caught in the fencing as well. We all knew that there was no fencing around the front half of the grounds that surrounded The Mansion. We wanted to believe my sister and accepted her logic for the moment.

The next morning we all got up and before breakfast went down to inspect what we had seen the night before. We found the poor dog right where we had seen him beaten to death. We found the stick a few feet away. The dog had no collar and no leash on. There was no fence, tree, bramble, nor any other object that could have held the dog and swung the stick in so violent a fashion. There was only one explanation for what we saw.

We buried the dog and have not spoken to each other about the events of that Halloween night since. Halloween is not the only night that an event at The Mansion has given us hair raising memories though. My great-aunt and her husband have moved out of The Mansion and now rent it out. I always wonder how long anyone will stay there once they learn the truth about The Mansion.

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