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Truly Terrifying Halloween Music

Published by Jordan Coria

Horror movies are back in fashion and we’ve come to appreciate that spine-tingling eerie feeling of being scared out of our wits. We’ve come to appreciate that psychological horror is much scarier than overt cheap scares. We’re also tired of the sound effect CDs that you can buy at every Halloween store across the nation. The sounds of screams and rattling chains have lost the effect they had when we were children.

So what are the mature thrillseekers playing at their Halloween parties these days? What music can you play throughout the month of October to get you in the mood for ghoulish delights? What would be the perfect soundtrack to pile your friends in the car and take off on a haunted tour of your hometown to? What would psyche you up for that all-night ghost investigation you and some friends have dared to encamp on?

Today’s best chilling music is coming from great groups like Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana who provide gothic scores like something straight from a vampire movie. Dark ambient and darkwave are two genres where you can find some very disturbing soundscapes that sound like they were lifted from your most vivid nightmares. Movie soundtracks are also a great place to find music sure to send chills down your spine – especially those you can visually associate with the music.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most terrifying music you will ever hear from these genres. The songs you are about to hear are tried and tested music guaranteed to make your skin crawl, the hair stand up on the back of your neck, and your stomach to drop out unexpectedly. Some are subtly creepy, some are overtly scary, and some are just downright uncomfortable to listen to, but they all provide that perfect backdrop for the haunting season.

Music linked to sites where you can hear the full track:

Haunted Nursery – Midnight Syndicate
Family Secrets – Midnight Syndicate
The Lost Room – Midnight Syndicate
Prelude – Midnight Syndicate
Noctem Aeternus – Midnight Syndicate
Catacombs – Midnight Syndicate
Time Outside of Time – Midnight Syndicate
Dusk – Midnight Syndicate
Living Walls – Midnight Syndicate

Gossamer Mist – Nox Arcana
Madeleine’s Lament – Nox ArcanaMasque of the Red Death – Nox Arcana
Cries in the Night – Nox Arcana
The Awakening – Nox Arcana
Pandora’s Music Box – Nox Arcana
Into the Shadows – Nox Arcana
Visitors In the Night – Nox Arcana
Memento Mori – Nox Arcana
The Howling – Nox Arcana
Nocturne – Nox Arcana
Gothic Sanctum – Nox Arcana
Echoes From the Crypt – Nox Arcana
Lair of the Vampire – Nox Arcana
After Hours – Nox Arcana
Harlequin’s Lament – Nox Arcana
Shadows Fall – Nox Arcana
Descent Into Madness – Nox Arcana
Annabel Lee – Nox Arcana
Stygian Depths – Nox Arcana
Garden of Evil – Frank Petruccelli
Celeste’s Curse – Frank Petruccelli
Darkness Descends – Frank Petruccelli
The Biscuit Factory – Frank Petruccelli
Dark Autumn Nights – Frank Petruccelli
Nightly Whispers – Frank Petruccelli
Fallen Angel – Frank Petruccelli
Trees – Aphex Twin
White Blur – Aphex Twin
Hankie – Aphex Twin
Grass – Aphex Twin
Curtain – Aphex Twin
Spots – Aphex Twin
Matchsticks – Aphex Twin
Blue Calx – Aphex Twin
Lantern Marsh – Brian Eno
Lizard Point – Brian Eno
Blue Moon – Atrium Carceri
Entrance – Atrium Carceri
Dark Water – Atrium Carceri
Corridor – Atrium Carceri
Reborn – Atrium Carceri
Hidden Crimes – Atrium Carceri
Behind the Curtain of Life – Atrium Carceri
Illusion Breaks – Atrium Carceri
Zeit – Tangerine Dream
Polynya II – Thomas Köner
Nuuk (Air) – Thomas Köner
Maps of Impossible Worlds – Death Cube K
The Reckoning Space – Maeror Tri
I’ve Plummed This Whole Neighborhood – Nurse With Wound
The Bottom Feeder – Nurse With Wound
The Call – Roto Visage
The Children Are Time Machines – Roto Visage
The Purro – Roto Visage
Spiral Ignite Flesh – Roto Visage
(ab)normal Cell Growth – Roto Visage
The Pulse – Roto Visage
How I Miss My Father – Roto Visage & Jugular Notch
Emerge – Roto Visage
Somnabulist Carving – Roto Visage
Air-Filled Injection – Roto Visage
Descaled Misease – Roto Visage
In the Dying Moments – SPK
In Flagrante Delicto – SPK
Outside the Void – Post Abortion Stress
Various Levels of Consciousness – Post Abortion Stress
I’m Coming To the Garden – Merzbow
Nightmare on Elm Street theme – Charles Bernstein
In the House, In a Heartbeat (28 Days Later theme) – John Murphy
The Tunnel (28 Days Later soundtrack) – John Murphy
Welcome To Britain (28 Weeks Later soundtrack) – John Murphy
Walk To Regents Park (28 Weeks Later soundtrack) – John Murphy
Go Go Go!!! (28 Weeks Later soundtrack) – John Murphy
Suspiria theme – Goblin
Halloween theme – John Carpenter
The Fog Theme – John Carpenter
The Thing Theme – Ennio Morricone, John Carpenter
Brahm Stoker’s Dracula theme – Gary Oldman
The Frighteners theme – Danny Elfman
Sleepy Hollow main theme – Danny Elfman
Children of the Corn theme – Jonathan Elias
Libera Me (Interview With the Vampire) – Elliot Goldenthal
Claudia’s Allegro Agitato (Interview With the Vampire) – Elliot Goldenthal

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