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Trunk or Treat: How to Throw a Halloween Tailgate Party

Published by Kurtis Klinko

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The Halloween tailgate party called Truck or Treat is a way to provide Halloween fun, food and treats for all ages. All you need for Trunk or Treat is a few vehicles, some treats and a little imagination. Trunk or Treat is a favorite among Church groups here in the south. This type of Halloween tailgate party provides the children with a safe environment on Halloween in which to get treats, provides adults with the opportunity to wear costumes, easily decorate for Halloween, and in short, it brings children and adults together for fun and food.

For this Halloween tailgate party vehicles are parked with their trunks (or tailgates for trucks) all facing the same direction, either in a straight row or semi-circle, depending on how you want the Trunk or Treat line to begin and end. The trunk’s of the vehicles are decorated for Halloween using a theme, which can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Church groups go with Bible story themes; a menagerie of stuffed animals can depict the story of Noah’s Ark, an inflatable whale pool toy can be used to transform a car trunk into the story of Jonah and the whale. Vehicle owners at these Halloween tailgate party dress in costumes matching whatever theme they have chosen for their trunk and hand out candy as the children go from vehicle to vehicle to Trunk or Treat.

A small folding table or bail of hay can be used to set bowls of candy on, small string lights can be positioned in and around the vehicle’s trunk, fake spider webs draped over the trunk lid and pumpkins are frequently used in Trunk or Treat decorations. Carved and lighted Jack-O-Lanterns can line the path to illuminate the direction for the Trunk or Treaters to travel in as they make their way from tailgate to tailgate.

The possibilities are endless for Trunk or Treat decorative themes, just use your imagination to decorate for your tailgate party to coincide with your organization, or you can always go with the standard fare of ghosts, goblins and witches with a steaming cauldron emitting dry ice smoke from your tailgate.

During a Trunk or Treat tailgate party, the Trunk or Treating is usually the last event of the Halloween party. A Trunk or Treat Halloween party begins with a variety of Halloween themed games, usually held inside a Fellowship Hall or gymnasium. Again the games can be as simple as bobbing for apples or as elaborate as having several game stations set up hosting different Halloween games.

After the Halloween games, it’s time for food, hot dogs, chili, chips and cookies are the foods of choice for a Trunk or Treat tailgate party. Easy preparation for either inside or outside cooking.

Once the games are over and the food eaten, the children line up and head down the row of Trunk or Treat vehicles collecting their treats. Our Church’s Trunk or Treat tailgate party culminates with a bon fire where we roast marsh mellows on sticks and make smores. The vehicles that participate in our Trunk or Treat tailgate party park closely together, beginning just outside the door of our Fellowship Hall and wind around leading to the area for the bonfire, providing safety and fun for the children.




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