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Trunk-Or-Treat: How to Throw a Halloween Themed Tailgate Party

Published by Lamar Buker

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Stay Safe and Get the Kids into It

Trunk-Or-Treat: How to Throw a Halloween Themed Tailgate Party – Halloween, is a great time for autumn fun with your kids. It is a natural time for a Halloween themed tailgate party. What or rather; how does a person create a tail-gate party? This article will tell you how. Tail-gate parties, are parties that you get a group of people together and go from place to place to have the party. It ends in one central location generally. In this case, it ends at a persons house where you have the Halloween party. This is a great idea when you have young children and wish to not allow them to go to stranger’s houses to trick-or-treat.

What you will need is a list of families with small children, lists of their food allergies and preferences, and some great food. Once you have that basic list together, you can begin.

Have the children help make the invitations, and the food. It’s always better that way. They enjoy it; and you get some really great quality time with your children. Have them come up with brilliant ideas for food and games. Help them make the decorations, food, and send out the invitations.

When the big day arrives; your little Halloween ghoul can have great fun trick-or-treating with their friends; and you can have a visit with their parents. Everyone benefits; and the kids stay safe. What a deal.

If you have trouble getting those creative juices flowing then here are a few ideas to get it started. Buy apples and find a large pail for water. That becomes the bobbing for apples game and a treat when done. You can buy some caramel and after the kids bob for apples have them make caramel apples. Less treats to make ahead and fun as well.

Consider some sandwiches made up in funny ghoulish faces and don’t forget my treats for Halloween on my other article.

For some more party game ideas; you can get educational and have them sort and count their candy. Depending on the ages of the children; you can vary the complexity of the math problems that you give them. Do whatever matches your group of kids. Gather ideas from the children prior and really get them involved in the fun. Consider also letting the kids help make their costumes prior to the party. Create a theme based on the latest popular trends. The kids will be able to give really good tips on that. After all; who knows what they like better than the children themselves.

So if you want to have a Trunk-or Treat Halloween Themed Tailgate Party; get the kids involved and have fun making a fun event even better and safe.



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