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Turn Any Meal into a Halloween Meal

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You can turn any regular meal into a Halloween meal with just a few little touches to your food! Just follow these directions so you can have an awesome Halloween meal instead of a regular meal.

Halloween Starters

Witch’s Hairy Fingers

If you are going to make bread sticks, then you can also get some green food coloring. some shredded Parmesan cheese, and some almond slices. Add green food coloring to your dough so that it takes on a pale green appearance. Then, when forming the bread sticks, lightly sprinkle or even randomly distribute the Parmesan cheese and then push an almond slice into one end of each bread stick to resemble a fingernail. Continue baking them as normal.

Eyeball Salad

If you are going to have a salad, then put tons of olives on a bed of lettuce or at least into your salad, so it looks like eyeballs are staring up from out of the salad.

Halloween Main Dishes

Crunchy Meatballs, Meatloaf, or Burgers

If you are planning on having meatballs or meatloaf, simply add one (1) 8oz can, drained, of water chestnuts to your recipe for every 1 ½ lbs. of meat used. This will give it a crunchy texture to make people think of bones. You can also do this for any other type of dish that uses any type of ground meat!

Finger Casserole

It is very easy to make a cheeseburger casserole by baking some of the frozen French fries (call them fingers for this recipe), then mixing in the ground meat and spices (you can add the water chestnuts for crunchiness as well) and cheese and baking the whole thing until the meat is thoroughly cooked. If you want to make it extra gross, add ketchup and almond slices on the top! This can be one easy meal that doesn’t require sides!

Halloween Sides

Stuffed Potato Ghosts

If you are going to make stuffed or double baked potatoes, get some white cheese. Decide which fillings would make good eyes and good mouths so that you can cut small pieces of those fillings. Cover each stuffed potato with a piece of the white cheese. On the top of the cheese, place the tiny chopped fillings to resemble eyes and mouths.

Witch’s Hairy Fingers

Follow the instructions at the top for these to use them as part of your Halloween meal.

Halloween Desserts

Eye Cookies

You can either bake sugar cookies and shape them into circles and ovals or simply buy some sugar cookies. Then get a white frosting (whatever flavor you’d like that is white) and either blue or green food coloring and some chocolate chips. Once you have the cookies, stir the food coloring into the frosting. Frost the cookies so that just a small amount of the edge of the cookies show. Place a chocolate chip on each cookie and you will have eyeballs!

Spider Cookies

Get some Oreo cookies, some licorice laces, some chocolate frosting and some M&Ms. Cut the licorice laces so that they are about the length of the cookie or a bit less. Stick four (4) in each side of the cookies so they look like spider legs. Then frost two M&Ms of the same color on top of the Oreos so they look like two eyes.

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