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Turn Christmas Cards Into Thank-You Cards: Practical Altered Art Project Using Holiday Cards 2018

Published by Yuko Zlatkin

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Clearing out Christmas clutter includes finding uses for Christmas cards that have been received, as well as those that were left over in your own collections. Rather than stashing them away into a box or storage container somewhere, why not turn them into an artistic opportunity?

This project is excellent for children because it’s fun, it’s easy, and it teaches them how to show gratitude. It’s also a great opportunity to teach about how creating art can be a chance to recycle in a creative way. Encourage children to bring their friends along to alter their Christmas card collections together.



  • Christmas cards
  • Decorative paper, or construction paper
  • Heavy-duty white or cream-colored paper
  • Rubber stamp that reads “Thank You”
  • Inkpad
  • Scrapbooking supplies (embellishments, stickers, etc.)
  • Glue sticks or craft glue
  • Bone folder
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the decorative paper or construction paper so it is one inch larger than the greeting card all the way around. Glue the card to the center of the paper, making sure to get the glue all the way up to the edges of the card. Use a bone folder to smooth out all the air bubbles and to burnish the paper tightly against the card.
  2. Fold all the corners of the paper and glue the triangle shaped area down on to the card. Burnish this down to make a sharp crease and create a strong bond between the paper and the card.
  3. Fold the edges of the paper down on to the card and glue them into place. Use the bone folder again to create a sharp crease and burnish the paper down to the card.
  4. Cut the white or cream paper so it is a half-inch smaller than the inside of the card. Glue the paper down to the canter of the card. Rub out all the air bubbles using the bone folder. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  5. Fold the card closed and create a sharp crease with the bone folder.
  6. Use the rubber stamp and scrapbooking materials to embellish the front of the card.
  7. Handwrite a thank-you note on the inside of the card.


  • Rather than handwriting the thank-you note on the inside, write it out in a word processor using interesting fonts and colors, print it out, and cut it to size.
  • Cut pretty pictures from other greeting cards to use to embellish the front of the card being created, in addition to the scrapbooking materials.
  • Attach a piece of vellum that has been embellished with eyelets or brads to the front of the card.

Be sure not to use thick layers of glue; they may cause the papers to wave and buckle. Using the bone folder will also force extra glue to the edges so it can be wiped away. If a bone folder is not available, a plastic card (like a credit card or membership card) is a suitable alternative.

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