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Twelve Easy Christmas Decor Ideas

Published by Humberto Seemann

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Make it easier this year by making preparation plans ahead of time and getting family and friends to help out. Here are twelve ways to get started:

Hold a Decoration Swap

Getting tired of reusing the same old decorations for the holidays? Why not try swapping some old decorations for a friend’s to save some cash, a trip to the store, or lugging the stuff to a thrift store! Send out invitations and ask your guests to bring along something they want to swap. Have cookies and chocolate milk waiting and let the swap commence.

Cards and Gift Wrapping Kit

For housebound relatives or friends, why not make it easy for them this holiday by putting together a kit containing greeting cards and envelopes, rolls of wrapping paper, sticky tape, ribbons, gift bags and boxes, scissors, tissue paper, tags, bubble wrap, brown paper, and stamps. Then promise to post the cards and parcels when ready.


Christmas Wrap

Use tree decorations to trim gifts for extra sparkle. Think glittery trees, pompoms of baubles tied with ribbon, or candy canes. Give your presents a vintage touch with sewing project lace ribbon or trim and plain paper grocery bags.

Recycled Wrapping

Don’t throw out yesterdays papers just yet- layer interesting textures and fonts, including newsprint, leftover wallpaper pieces, plain lining paper and doilies, for an individual gift-wrap look.

Place Settings

A simple hand-written name card placed inside a clear drinking glass makes for a festive place setting for your guests on Christmas Day. Finish off with a small Christmas decoration in each.

Table Branch

For a simple, yet unusual decoration, wrap twinkly lights around a branch hung above the dining table, and then string brightly coloured glass baubles all the way along.

Hang a Paper Cone

Make pretty paper cones from left over wallpaper, gift-wrap, or the comic pages. Fill with lovely treats and hang them on doorknobs bedposts, or chair backs.

Paper Chains

Instead of small ones, create huge paper chains from whatever glittery paper you have on hand and then drape along the centre of your dining table. Alternatively, wrap around a stair banister.

Baubles Galore

Thread baubles onto a ribbon and create a gorgeous garland along a bare wall.

Christmas Garland

Make a shimmering table dressing by stringing together a mass of Christmas balls to create an oversized garland using clear beading wire or nylon thread (available from department stores and craft shops).

Non-traditional Door Wreath

For a colourful alternative to a wreath, decorate your front door with a bunch of baubles threaded onto a ribbon or a pretty branch. Easy and no messy cleanup after.

Canned Plants

Wrap coffee cans with pretty leftover wrapping paper and ribbons. Fill with soil (add a layer of gravel to the bottom first) and pop in a small plant such as rosemary or cactus.

Letting others participate in holiday activities not only makes the season more pleasurable but also can start traditions for years to come.

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