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Unique Ornament Christmas Tree Topper Ideas: Awesome & Odd Alternatives to a Star for the Top of the Holiday Tree

Published by Clemmie Hikes

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A Christmas tree is perhaps the most traditional of all seasonal decorations, but some families may want to add a hint of the unorthodox with a totally unique treetop ornament. Any of these ideas may be a fun and quirky alternative to the commonly used angel or star. They are also inexpensive and perfect for families looking to achieve Christmas decorating on a budget.

A Person or Pet

Not the actual person or pet, of course – but a carving, likeness or even a laminated photo will do just fine! With some paint, simple wood or foam shapes from a craft store (a sphere for the head and a rectangular prism or cone for the body), and a drill for a hole in the bottom, it’s possible to make a representation of just about anybody. Why not put a miniature Mom on the tree, or maybe a little family that represents your own? With a fun craft project and some imagination, the possibilities are endless and it could represent hours of crafting fun for the kids as well as mom and dad.

Fantasy Creatures for the Top of the Christmas Tree

What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than with a dragon on the Christmas tree? Perhaps for some, it is perfect! Small figurines of all sorts of creatures are available online or from novelty shops and kids will appreciate the lighter side of a tree that is fun and festive. From dragons to phoenixes, or even non-mythological creatures like lions, tigers, or bears (oh my!), a Christmas tree can be topped with any animal ever imagined.

Now for Something Completely Bizarre

People and animals are still almost within the realm of normalcy. For lovers of the entirely nonsensical, perhaps a fresh pineapple for a tree topper would make a great conversation starter. How about a model monster truck or football to represent a favorite pastime, or a miniature Eiffel Tower reminiscent of a recent vacation abroad?

Showcasing a Beloved Collection

Millions of people collect memorabilia, stuffed animals, teapots, coffee spoons, trading cards and just about anything else that comes to mind. Using one of more pieces from a collection, a very unique treetop decoration could be made. For example, 3 beanie babies could circle around the top branch and be tied together with a big red, Christmas bow to keep them in place. A rare Victorian silk scarf, from a special collection, could be used to adorn the top of the holiday tree in elegant and understated splendor.


Anything that is light enough and can have either be attached or have a hole drilled in the bottom for attachment, can be put on a Christmas tree – all that’s needed is a healthy imagination.

It really makes no difference if this year’s Christmas tree is traditional or zany, serious or fun… as long as it truly represents the family that will love it.

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