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Unique Ways to Display Christmas Presents: Country Decorating Under the Tree

Published by Jared Kham

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Tired of just regular gift bags, wrapping paper, and bows? Add a little bit of character to the space under the Christmas tree with these easy Christmas decorating ideas.

Country decorating has been the rage for over thirty years. What better way to show off a talent for this wonderful style than at Christmas? Homes take on a soft and pretty glow this time of year, so take advantage and show off gifts in a unique way.

Where to Start

Begin the quest for unique presentations of gifts right at home. Country style is very forgiving of damage in older items, so before stepping out of the house to shop, take a look around at unused or discarded items in the home. Especially consider vintage and childhood toys to bring back memories of days gone by.

Items to Consider

  • Burlap feed sacks
  • Vintage cutter quilts or quilt scraps
  • Old lace tablecloths
  • Vintage doilies
  • Large pieces of pottery
  • Baskets
  • Old buckets
  • Unused tins
  • Wooden boxes
  • Toy wagons
  • Doll beds
  • Old wash tub
  • Painted coffee cans

Burlap Bags

Burlap bags, found in thrift stores, make perfect bags to stack presents in and give a little more space under the tree for other items. Tie the bag top with a pretty ribbon or leave it open to show off the wrapped gifts.

Vintage Linens

Old cutter quilts used for crafts and torn tablecloths, as well as other damaged vintage linen pieces make a nice presentation when covering a gift. Pretty embroidered items are easy to purchase at flea markets, thrift stores, or even on Ebay.



Large crocks make a great container to stow packages in and help save on space, also. Very popular in country decorating, they will make great conversation pieces.


Nothing says country decorating like baskets. Baskets are useful year-round, so don’t forget to add them under the tree. Not only do they make wonderful receptacles for wrapped gifts, they also make great presents. Any collector of country décor would appreciate a basket for Christmas.

Metal Containers

Look around for unused tins, galvanized buckets, or old wash tubs. All will lend a country feel to the home and make perfect containers for gifts.

Vintage Toys

When looking for unique display containers, don’t forget vintage items from the past. An old doll bed or cradle would be perfect to show off festively wrapped gifts. Even an old childhood wagon washed and brought inside will add fun to the display under the tree. These items will remind the family of days gone by and may even prompt an evening of stories of Christmas Days of the past.

Under the Tree

Take time with the display of your country items, rearranging until a satisfying order is achieved. Take pictures of the display. This can be a fun family project and another Christmas memory for the future.

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