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Unusual 3D Easter Cakes with Animals and Cartoon Characters

Creative minds never rest, especially with the approach of festive seasons which offer good occasions for the exercise of ingenuity, and, if appreciated, fame and financial income follow. This year customers find surprises in their Easter cakes and eggs. Used to elaborate chocolate houses (priced at 50 euros/US$67 upwards) and exquisite chocolate soccer players, the pastry shop Turull de Terrassa in Vallès Occidental in Catalonia, Spain, boasts of their 3D Easter cakes.

Hi-Tech 3D Easter Cakes

It is done by impressing with edible ink three dimensional images on a chocolate base, and in order to experience the cake to the fullest, naturally one needs to wear 3D glasses which, inevitably, for outsiders, form a futuristic picture of a group with colourful glasses dividing a cake.

The images in question for this year are mostly of movie references and the inexhaustible natural world; next year the aim will be to print any image that the client fancies, very much like the private photos that one can have printed on a cake for all occasions. It does give an uncanny sensation when one eventually has to cut the face up, for example, and decides who is going to eat what.

Tasting Easter Cakes with All the Senses

Turull’s success was confirmed this year by that queue outside the shop for anxious parents who did not hesitate to indulge their children by buying them this pleasant surprise which cost from 30 to 40 euros (roughly US$40-53, which is a real bargain), including for young children that are three years of age, which for them is surely an exciting experience to discover what tricks their young eyes can play them. The price includes the 3D glasses so that customers do not need to get into the trouble of buying them.

The pastry shop is optimistic and is setting objectives for next year to offer more variety.

Bob is the Most Popular

As visitors to Spain can witness, the traditional oval shaped Easter eggs or the Spanish style plain Easter cake with a boil egg and colourful feathers on top had their days; modern Easter cakes and eggs are houses, trains, cars, cartoon characters, soccer players instead of hens and their chicks (Easter bunny does not fit in the Spanish tradition). This year the most popular goes to SpongeBob, an insistent TV programme that shows every half an hour during prime time, a strategy that shows the positive outcome: SpongeBob proves to fare better as Easter cake than the venerated Barça players and the all time Disney characters. Certainly it is a satisfaction to his fans to chew it and munch it after having listened to him for so long.

Much to Look Forward to Next Easter

After a taste of this innovative effort, next year other confectioners will surely take up the challenge. Easter will never be the same again; it will certainly be more entertaining with surprises installed for satisfying all the senses of potential clients.

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