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Unusual Christmas Gifts for Men: The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for All Guys

Published by Imelda Perro

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Thinking of looking beyond the traditional pair of socks and neck tie for a boyfriend or husband this Xmas? Purchasing an unusual Christmas gift for men can present something of a challenge, but this needn’t be the case. Trawling through high street shops doesn’t always result in finding the best Christmas gift ideas, but knowing where to look online just might.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Men – 35 and Under

  • Nintendo DS. A handheld game console device that is suitable for all men, particularly those looking for an escape, source of mental stimulus or means of occupying their time. Play all of the latest Nintendo games, including Mario Kart, Grand Theft Auto and Nintendo Brain Game.
  • Bungee jump. Whilst certainly not for everyone, a bungee jump can provide an exciting and exhilarating experience for physically fit men.
  • Weekend in Las Vegas. As most holidays are subsidised by gambling, the cost of hotel accommodation can be as low as $40 a night. There are great buffets, shows, amazing trips and even shopping malls to visit. It is a weekend away that can be shared together.
  • Adopt an animal. It is possible to adopt a pet or endangered species. This will help to provide food, protection and care for animals in need of help. What better way to share the true spirit of Christmas? A perfect gift for animals lovers.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Men – Over 36

  • Electronic Texas Hold em’ game. The growing popularity of Texas Hold em’ poker means that this handheld device can keep a man occupied until he is able to play online or at the casino. Available for under $25, it is a cheap Xmas gift that will hold great appeal to men.
  • Leather computer chair. Specifically for the man who enjoys spending time on a PC, a comfortable leather chair could offer one of the best Christmas gift ideas. There are even chairs available to help men avoid or prevent the exacerbation of back problems.
  • Tickets to an NFL game. Although most games played in New York are a sell-out, it may be possible to buy tickets to an NFL game elsewhere. Ideal for men who love their football.
  • Brewing kit. Just like growing vegetables, brewing can be a satisfying experience. Purchasing a brewing kit could give a man a new, enjoyable hobby.
  • Coin counting jar. Feed excess coins through a slot and the amount paid in will be digitally displayed. A cheap Xmas gift for under $15.

An unusual Christmas gift for men needn’t be expensive, but it does require some thought and planning. It is simply a matter of knowing and understanding what makes a man tick. If they are active types, cater for that. If they are more into gadgets, try to find them the latest piece of technology that is most relevant for their needs. Don’t complicate matters by over-thinking.

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