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Unusual Halloween Treat Ideas: Alternative Edible and Non-Edible Halloween Goodies

Published by Leilani Breitenberg

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Halloween is a night many children look forward to year around. Their mouths water at the thought of the yummy treats they will bring home. Many homeowners still deliver penny candy to their treat-seekers on Halloween night. Yet it is always exciting to receive something other than the normal candy treats available at most homes. Here are some alternate treat ideas to feel good about giving.

Alternate Edible Treats

  • Buy treat bags normally used for party favors and stuff these bags with an assortment of candies especially designed for Halloween. For example, Skull and Bones Candy, Gummy Eyeballs and Gummy Brown Earth Worms are available on-line at the Candy Warehouse.
  • There are many other alternates to sweet treats, including mini-bags of popcorn, bags of chips or crackers, fruit roll-ups, or juice boxes.
  • If candy is still your favorite thing to deliver, try finding deals on large-sized candy bars. Stores such as Costco sometimes offer coupons for boxes of large bars.
  • Another option besides candy is to pass out store-bought caramel apples or Halloween character- shaped cookies available at most local bakeries.

Halloween Non-Edible Treats

  • Save up toys from local fast food restaurants and pass them out for Halloween gifts. Some toys such as Hot Wheels or miniature Madame Alexander dolls are sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.
  • Shop at your local discount or dollar store for bargained price party favors or packages of small toys.
  • Put together an assortment of small craft kits, available at reasonable prices from a number of craft stores.
  • Pencils have long been an option for Halloween prizes. Add in a small notebook and tie them together with a ribbon for a smart alternative to sweet treats.
  • Homemade key-chain bracelets are a great candy option and will be appreciated by both younger and older treat-seekers.
  • At the end of every dentist visit, kids go home excited to have a new toothbrush. Toothbrushes, also found at dollar stores, make both a funny and useful Halloween give-away idea.
  • Buy one-dollar gift certificates from a local fast food restaurant to give away.

If you are buying store bought cookies or candied apples, be sure to have them individually wrapped by the store to reassure parents that these treat are safe to eat. Many parents will throw away items that look homemade or unwrapped.

As an added touch, include home-printed fortunes or jokes with any of these Halloween treats.

Finally, keep in mind the age bracket of the majority of your neighbor kids when coming up with alternative candy ideas. Younger children will appreciate different options than teenagers. Including your own children in the preparation of the goodies for your neighborhood is a fun activity that teaches children both about giving and creativity.

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