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Vegetarian Recipes Suitable for Halloween

Published by Valene Streich

vegetarian recipes for your family or for a party. Halloween is a fun time to make the scariest dinner you can. A good vegetarian Halloween dinner is one that will keep guests talking for years to come. The more curious your vegetarian Halloween dishes are the more conversation will take place about your vegetarian dinner. Use your imagination when you are cooking for Halloween. Once I made a Halloween dinner that was so nasty the dog couldn’t stomach it.

Vegetarian spaghetti is always a great vegetarian Halloween dish. Making vegetarian spaghetti is also very easy and you can do it quick. To make vegetarian spaghetti you need some long pasta for spaghetti and some tomato sauce of your choice, Cook the pasta as the instructions say. Heat you the tomato sauce and mix it with the pasta. Add some small round mushrooms that you have cut the stems off of. Leave the mushrooms round do not cut them up. Mix everything together and serve it in a bowl. Looks interesting.

Spaghetti squash is a squash that looks like spaghetti But it is really a vegetable. You can cut the spaghetti squash in half and dip out the seeds. Put the spaghetti squash half in the microwave and cook it for twelve minutes or until it is soft. Take a fork and mix up the inside of the spaghetti squash. Mix in a small amount of tomato sauce so that the fibers of the spaghetti squash are red. It will look the muscles when done. You can serve the spaghetti squash in the half of the spaghetti squash.

Tomato soup can look like a bowl of blood. You can make your own homemade tomato soup or you can buy a can of already made tomato soup. Add some water chestnuts, oyster crackers, pieces of cheese and anything else that looks suspicious to the tomato soup. Tomato soup can really trigger your imagination. You can find some interesting looking pasta and cook it then add the interesting pasta to the tomato soup. Don’t add too much pasta to the tomato soup you only want a few to make people wonder what is in there. The more you put in the soup the more curious the soup will be but do not add too much of any one thing. You want the people eating the soup to have to keep on guessing what is in there.

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