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Walt Disney World’s Sleepy Hollow Halloween Hayride at Fort Wilderness

Published by Denis Ciaccio

Walt Disney World makes for a perfect outing for the Halloween season and the atmosphere is so different from that of the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort that you might find yourself wondering if you’re even in the same place.

For adults, the hayride will be all in good fun. There’s nothing truly scary about the ride save for those unaccustomed to dark, wooded areas and perhaps those with a fear of horses. However, younger children might find the ride a bit unsettling.

Those worried about actual hay in the wagon can rest easy. The wagon is hay free so you won’t have to struggle with allergies outside of those that might occur due to the surrounding trees. Also, the horses are magnificent in both size and beauty, but make sure you ask the attendants if it’s okay to pet them as some horses do spook easily.

If you’re interested in attending the Sleepy Hollow Hayride, you’d be advised to get to Fort Wilderness’ Kennel early in the morning as there are no advance ticket sales and tickets do sell out quickly. Fort Wilderness only holds six rides every evening, so there’s a limited amount of space available.

Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for ages nine and under. This is a Halloween season only event. 2016 select dates begin intermittently on October 10th through the 31st. Make sure to call Fort Wilderness at 407-824-2900 and ask for specific dates and time. Inclement weather will cause that day’s hayride to be canceled.

Also, watch your head while you’re out and about in the woods of Fort Wilderness. Cheesy joke? Absolutely.

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