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Wear a Herman Munster Mask for Halloween

Published by Shaun Azbell

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This Halloween mask is perfect for fans of the classic TV show. I’m a Munsters freak, so I was sold as soon as I saw it. The detail is phenomenal. Most masks that are based on pre-existing characters from movies and TV shows aren’t half as realistic as this one. That includes masks that are officially licensed! This Herman Munster Halloween mask is fashioned from latex. The only size available is a one-size-fits-all Adult. Surprisingly, it’s comfortable. You may have to manually widen the eye holes to have good-to-excellent vision. Even with larger eye holes, you can’t see any traces of a face behind the mask.

Depending on which website/store you’re buying the mask from, a costume may come with it. You don’t need one, as making a Herman Munster costume is very easy. I dressed up as Herman last year (for Halloween, not the whole year). All you need is a white (or green) t-shirt, a black denim jacket, black pants, and a pair of big, black boots. You may have trouble finding the boots, so I recommend hunting down a pair at a Goodwill store. There is no sense buying your accessories at a shopping mall or a retail outlet. If you lack the jacket or the pants, I would again recommend a Goodwill store. Those places aren’t just for the homeless, y’know (note to self: edit out that last sentence).

My mask was reasonably priced at $45. That’s a steal for such a high-quality mask. The $45 price tag is consistent across businesses that have this particular mask in stock. It may be hard to find in brick-and-mortar specialty stores, so your best bet is to purchase it online (see the supporting links). I’ve seen other Herman Munster masks, but they were mere variations of Frankenstein’s iconic visage. They didn’t look like Hermie. I can’t express enough how realistic this mask is. If I sound like a foaming fanboy, that’s because I’m a foaming fanboy. “The Munsters” rocked, and it’s always heartening to see merchandise that was clearly created by fellow fans.

Here is a list of other Munsters-related items that you NEED if you adore the show as much as I do.

The Munsters Seasons 1 & 2 – These DVD sets contain every episode that ever aired. The “Season 2” set contains wonderful documentaries about each cast member. Of course, you can find reruns on TV Land, but unless a marathon is running, you can’t watch 30 episodes in a row, now can you?

The MunstersHalloweenVillage Collection – Okay, you may not need this, but how freaking cool is it? Just click on the link. It doesn’t need an explanation.

Munster, Go Home! – The first (and best) Munsters movie is a must-have for fans of the show. It’s a funny, fast-paced frolic that introduced The Munsters to Technicolor. I’m not sure about the redheaded Marilyn, though.




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