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What is Halloween Trunk or Treating?

Published by Ernesto Fabroquez

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Should You Let Your Kids Do It?

Silly parents. Trunk or treating sounds funny but it’s perfectly safe. Allow me to explain. First there was door-to-door trick or treating. Then there were indoor trick or treat streets and carnivals. Now, welcome the latest Halloween trend, trunk or treating. What the heck is trunk or treating? Simply put, it’s trick or treating out of a car trunk. Of course, there is a bit more to it.

Trunk or treating is a safe way for kids to go trick or treating outdoors. If you miss taking your kids door to door, but like the safety of indoor trick or treat streets, this is a new option. It involves parked cars with open trunks. The open trunks contain Halloween candy, which is passed out to kiddies traveling from trunk to trunk. Most trunk or treating events include other activities, such as haunted houses, cake walks and coloring contests. Some have a carnival atmosphere.

Most trunk or treating is done in church or school parking lots. This insures the safety of children on Halloween. The cars belong to other parents in your circle. Since this is a public event, there is less risk of children being given tainted treats. Plus, there is a fun themed twist, so parents enjoy trunk or treating as much as the kids.

Trunk or treating involves themed decor. Each trunk is decorated with a theme. The parents passing out candy can dress in costume to match the theme of their trunk. The trunks can be cute, crazy or just plain spectacular. Some organizations even give out prizes for the best looking trunk decor. This encourages parents to really get involved in this safer modern Halloween venue for kids.

You don’t need a car to offer trunk or treating treats. You could use a bicycle basket, a boat or even a motorcycle with saddlebags. It’s not about the mode of transportation. It’s about originality. The more unique your trunk or treat trunk is, the better. It doesn’t have to be strictly Halloween either. Choose any theme you like.

Trunk or treating parents can serve homemade treats. Remember the by-gone days of caramel apples and rice cereal treats as Halloween goodies? Since trunk or treating is done in a controlled environment, the treats are completely safe. Now your kids can enjoy old fashioned homemade favorites without worry. What the heck is trunk or treating? With a little tweaking, it’s a good old fashioned Halloween with a modern twist.

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