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What to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy: A Visit to the Dentist Pays Off for Kids & Adults Willing to Share

Published by Magali Wanca

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Parents have wondered what to do with leftover Halloween candy since trick-or-treating began. Thanks to a program called “Halloween Candy Buy Back” kids and anyone else can prevent tooth decay (and earn a little profit) by bringing extra Halloween candy to the dentist. The dentist forwards the candy where it will be sent to U.S. military troops overseas.

There are more great ways to recycle Halloween candy. Add leftover Halloween candy to holiday gifts – a clever idea for those persons giving green with homemade baked goods. Plus, there are places to donate Halloween candy to help the needy.

How the “Halloween Candy Buy Back” Program Works

Kids and parents collect unopened Halloween candy that’s to be sent overseas. Take the candy to a participating dental office on the day specified. Each person who brings in Halloween candy receives one U.S. dollar for every pound donated to U.S. military troops.

Want to help the troops even more? Ask the dentist to keep the money and use it toward shipping the candy. Kids and parents are urged to spread the word among dentists who haven’t yet heard of the “Halloween Candy Buy Back” program. Parents can inform radio stations, local TV stations, and other media, too.

Recycling and Green Gifts Provide Ways to Get Rid of Leftover Halloween Candy

Take the candy to work and set out a bowl of treats for other employees (and customers) to enjoy. Don’t be surprised if other employees come up with the same idea. Soon the entire office will be on a weight-loss program.

The recession is giving everyone new and green holiday gift-giving ideas. As a special touch to a frosted cake, cut candy bars into small pieces and top the cake with the pieces. This makes a grand holiday or birthday gift for a friend or neighbor. (Hint: Make sure the candy compliments the cake/frosting flavors.)

There are also many great recipes for candy bar cakes.

Donate Halloween Candy to a Help Organization

Spread holiday cheer by donating Halloween candy to local shelters, food banks, church food programs, and soup kitchens. As more and more people lose jobs and homes, help and relief agencies will see dramatic increases in clients – including entire families with children.

  • Donate unopened candy to a local food bank. The treats can be distributed for the holidays.
  • Drop off any unopened candy at a soup kitchen. The person in charge will be very happy to pass out the treats.
  • Take unopened candy to a church that’s sponsoring Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for the homeless. The treats will make a nice addition to the event.
  • Bring unopened candy to homeless shelters and long-term shelters – such as those for victims of domestic violence. The contributions will be greatly appreciated.

There are various ways to recycle Halloween candy; some people choose to donate to the troops while other residents prefer to contribute leftover Halloween candy to local relief agencies. Most people would rather redistribute Halloween candy as opposed to throwing it in the garbage. It’s easy to go green with leftover Halloween candy by using it in baked goods given as Christmas gifts to neighbors and friends.

Whatever the choice, one can spread a lot of good cheer with a few pieces of candy. One last idea: Buy bags of discounted candy the day after Halloween and donate the sweets to a good cause. Kids allowed to deliver the candy will gain a whole new perspective on Halloween when they see the opportunity to share with others.

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