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What to do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Published by Sidney Tunick

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Thanksgiving is over, your kitchen is in a shambles from cooking a massive feast, your refrigerator and freezer are overflowing with leftovers and you have no idea how you are ever going to eat that much turkey. The answer is simple. You are going to go to your computer and search for as many turkey recipes as you can find.

It seems liketurkey is going to grow new wings and fly away before you could possibly eat it all, but I assure you, that is not the case. I am going to give you the top 5 leftover turkey recipes to help you get out from under the giant turkey that is taking up valuable real estate in your refrigerator.

1.Hot Turkey Sandwiches

Pile up a slice of bread with some of that leftover turkey, pile on some mashed potatoes and gravy, top it off with another slice of bread and you’re good to go!

2.Turkey Pot Pie

Take a pie crust that is leftover from the pies you didn’t quite get around to making, line a pie pan and poke the crust with a fork a few times. Pile in some leftover turkey, a bunch of the leftover vegetables from Thanksgiving dinner, some leftover potatoes and pour that leftover gravy in there. Cover it with an additional pie crust, cut a few slits into the top crust and bake at 350 degrees until the crust turns golden brown.

3.Turkey Tacos

Toss some turkey in a pan with some taco seasoning and throw them together! It is quick, easy and completely different! Forget fancy dishes like turkey tetrazzini or turkey enchiladas, this is faster and easier!

4.Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Coat the bottom of a casserole dish with those leftover mashed potatoes, pile in some leftover turkey, some corn, carrots or peas, coat it all with gravy and top it off with the leftover stuffing. Put it in the oven at 325 degrees until the stuffing browns.

5.Turkey and Dumplings

As an alternative to turkey soup, try tossing that turkey in the crock pot with some broth and water and cook it until the bones can be picked clean easily. Remove the bones and skim the fat and skin off the top of the broth. Add some poultry bullion to give the broth a bit more flavor, and add some vegetables. Shortly before serving, make up a batch of Bisquick dumplings, add flour and cornstarch to the broth to thicken and add the dumplings. Let the crock pot go for another 30 minutes or so and serve!

These are some quick, tasty and easy ways to use up that leftover turkey and keep the family fed after Thanksgiving. Your family will be thrilled at the delicious meals you serve, and you will be thrilled at the money you save using up those leftovers!

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