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When Did Halloween Become a “Hot” Holiday?

Published by Shaun Azbell

pumpkin carving is a work of art. Special tools are needed to do the extravagant carvings. Pumpkins are placed on display to show the artistic abilities of its owner. The echoes of the children giggling as there little fingers squished inside the pumpkin, trying to pull out the slippery meat and seeds inside, are fading.

Has Halloween just become another hot commercial holiday?

Is the innocence of the children crying “trick or treat” in there homemade costumes fleeting? This Halloween see how many children come beckoning at your door all proud of the costumes they made themselves at home. Chances are they will be decked out in store bought costumes that will be adorned for 2 maybe 3 hours and then discarded.

Halloween is soon to be upon us. Are we going to be hearing the children giggling “trick or treat” or are we going to be more worried about getting ready for the hot adult Halloween party of the year?

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