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Where to Buy Easter Candy Online: Find Unique Candy Gifts to Use for Easter Basket Gifts

With many brick-and-mortar candy stores either closing or reducing their candy selections, Internet websites can be a parent’s best bet for buying hard to find candy for Easter basket gifts. Read on to find a short guide to great online shopping websites for unusual candy, as well as suggestions for unique candy gifts for Easter basket stuffers.

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates: Best Gourmet Chocolate Gifts for Easter

For gourmet chocolate Easter basket gifts, check out the selection at Getrude Hawk Chocolates. This site offers gourmet chocolate candies of all kinds, including a variety of chocolate Easter eggs ranging from milk chocolate peanut butter eggs to dark chocolate marshmallow eggs. Boxes of premium chocolates and gourmet chocolate candy bars are also available for adult Easter gift baskets (or kids with a taste for gourmet candy!).


  • Lil’ Smidgen Sweet Shoppe, full of around 50 snack-sized milk chocolate bunnies and eggs packaged in a small cardboard box printed to look like an old-fashioned candy shoppe ($4.49)
  • White Chocolate Confection Carrots (colored to look like real carrots) that can be paired with one of the many chocolate Easter bunnies for sale ($4.50 for 5 carrots)

CandyFavorites: Best Bulk Candy for Easter

The online storefront for one of the oldest wholesale candy companies in the United States, CandyFavorites offers a wide selection of classic candy, nostalgic candy, and novelty candy. One of their main specialties is bulk candy: parents can stock up on both bulk unwrapped candy and bulk wrapped candy by quality candy brands such as Brach’s and Hershey.

For the Easter season, this online candy vendor offers classic Brach’s Easter candies such as Brach’s Jelly Beans, Brach’s Fiesta Malt Eggs, and the item without which no Easter egg hunt would be complete: Brachs Marshmallow Hunt Eggs. Bulk unwrapped candy and bulk wrapped candy Easter treats from other popular candy brands are available as well, such as Easter Mix Plain M&Ms and Pastel Wrapped Hershey’s Kisses.

Recommended candy classics from Brach’s Confections Pick n’ Mix Bulk Candies:

  • Brachs Butterscotch Disks ($33.49 for 7 pounds)
  • Brachs Neopolitan Coconut Squares ($42.66 for 9 pounds)

ACandyStore: Best Novelty Candy Gifts for Easter

Popular with celebrities and people planning special events, ACandyStore also offers wholesale novelty candies to the average candy shopper. Their products range from classic Easter sugar eggs to unusual candy like Bunny Corn pastel-colored candy corn and cute candy gummy Easter bunnies that can light up.


  • Bunny Bubbles Candy bottles of liquid candy that can be blown into edible candy bubbles ($19.99 for 15 bottles)
  • Classic Easter Egg Lollies, whose flat sucker tops look like beautifully decorated Easter eggs ($71.99 for 24)

CandyCrate: Best Retro Candy Gifts for Easter

Parents and grandparents who want to buy Easter candy that will introduce kids to the flavors of old fashioned candy brands can visit this online retailer. Along with traditional Easter candies like Marshmallow Peeps and an assortment of Jelly Belly Easter candy, this store offers fun Easter basket stuffers like small retro toys and also a variety of nostalgic candy gift boxes and old fashioned candy gift baskets.

Recommended hard to find candy treats:

  • Easter Retro Candy Gift Basket, available for each decade from the 1940s to the 1990s, each gift box filled with an assortment of classic candies from that decade ($31.99)
  • Easter Nostalgic Assortment Gift Box, contains over 50 different kinds of hard to find candy ($18.45 for the one-pound box)

Parents seeking to buy Easter candy not available in the candy aisle of the local grocery store can check out the above online shopping websites for the best candy Easter basket gifts.

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