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Winter Decorating Ideas – Christmas Mantels: Decorate for the Holidays with Some of These Tips and Ideas

Published by Walton Leonor

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Before starting to decorate a mantel for the holidays, check out the general rules for how to style and accessorize a fireplace mantel. Then, before adding new items, clear off the items that are usually displayed there and make room for the new holiday items that will soon adorn the mantel.

Once that’s done, check out the following ideas for different ways to decorate a fireplace mantel for the holidays.

Decorate with Vases and Christmas Ornaments

Fill different sizes of clear glass bowls and vases with color-coordinated Christmas ornaments. Use the larger containers at each end of the mantel and use the smaller ones as you work your way towards the center. Remember to vary the shapes and sizes of the vases and bowls to create visual interest.

This idea works just as well using pinecones, fruit, nuts, or anything else you can think of. Try spray-painting different types of nuts, or different sizes of pinecones for a uniform look.

Holiday Mantel Displays Using Candles

Candles always add a warm and elegant glow, so place them atop a mantel to create such a display. There are many different ways to display candles, but the most important thing is to use candles of the same color to create a streamlined and uniform look.


Place pillar candles on stands of varying heights. A general rule when creating such a vignette is to place taller pieces at the back, and use smaller ones as you work your way forward. For a modern look, use candles that are all the same height and place them on a long rectangular platter. For a festive look add some evergreen, pinecones, and other natural materials of the season. The key is to not overdo it. Simple cream candles with a few pinecones scattered around the bases makes for a beautiful and elegant holiday display.

Decorate a Christmas Mantel with Flowers and Fruit

No matter what the time of year, flowers are always in style. Either create a large traditional floral display using winter greenery and place it in the center of the mantel, or try something a little different. Floral topiaries are elegant and can be easily made by cutting flower stems and sticking the blossoms into Styrofoam cones. Roses are particularly beautiful. Or try making a large centerpiece using fruit instead of flowers. Apples combined with evergreen and pinecones make a beautiful centerpiece. Attach them to floral foam using floral picks. Add some cinnamon sticks for a lovely scent.

It’s easy to go overboard when decorating for Christmas, but the key to a beautiful holiday display is to keep it simple. When decorating a mantel for the holidays try not too put too many items on it as it will end up looking cluttered. Simple displays are the key to an elegant and glamorous holiday display.

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