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Winter Sun Hotel Holidays in Egypt for Large Families, 5 or More

The Egyptian Red Sea is a a popular destination for European families to seek “Winter Sun” holidays. Families of five or six or more are welcomed by some hotels in the region. Many hotels offer all inclusive packages which can be particularly attractive for families with lots of children.

The Three Corners Hotel chain is in Egypt; its hotels and all inclusive resorts are located around the Red Sea. Ten of the Three Corners Hotels offer rooms especially for families with three or more children. One hotel even has a standard family room for up to seven guests. Note, not all of the Three Corners Hotels have rooms for five or more people.

How to Get the Best Price for a Hotel Room for a Large Family

It is usually cheaper for a large family to all stay in one room, but this is not always the case. Travel agents are often able to offer amazingly low prices on standard rooms, so splitting the party may work out to be less expensive.

The Three Corners Group currently structure their prices such that there are three main ways to save money:

  • Book off-peak, which means not in school vacation times.
  • Book 99 days before arrival for 15% discount.
  • Book for 21 nights, 22 days for 15% discount.

It should be noted that child rates apply to children up to 11 years of age at these hotels.

Families Rooms for a Family of 5: 2 Adults and 3+ Children

At coastal locations around the Red Sea In Egypt, The Three Corners Hotel Group has seven hotels with standard family rooms which can accommodate at least five people. The hotels are 3, 4 or 5 stars and offer all inclusive holidays. A 5 star hotel on the Egyptian Red Sea is not the same as a 5 star hotel in Cairo or Western capital cities, it should still be clean and luxurious but will have fewer facilities or generally a lower standard of facilities and services than might be expected..

Some of the Three Corners Hotels offer interconnected rooms for families of six or more. Interconnected rooms are usually bigger and more expensive than a single standard family room but the benefit is that the kids can be put to sleep in a separate room whilst the adults stay up a bit later.

A List Of Hotels With Large Families Rooms for 5 or More

The following hotels from the Three Corners Group all have standard or interconnecting rooms for families of five or more people. IC is for two interconnected rooms and SF is for one standard family room.

  • Rihana Resort, El Gouna (IC)
  • Ocean View, El Gouna (IC)
  • Sunny Beach, Hurghada (SF)
  • Empire Hotel, Hurghada (SF for up to 7 guests)
  • Empire Beach Hotel, Hurghada (IC, SF)
  • Fayrous Plaza, Marsa Alam (SF)
  • Kiroseiz Resort, Sharm El Sheikh (IC, SF)
  • St George Resort (IC, SF)
  • Palmyra Resort (IC, SF)
  • El Wekala, Taba Heights (IC, SF)

There are other hotels in the area which also have large family rooms, such as the all inclusive Calimera Resort at Hurghada.

Vacation and Holiday Hotels for a Family of 5, 6 or 7

Mainstream travel companies may find it too difficult or impossible to book a holiday for family of five or more in a hotel. Large family rooms are available but may require booking directly with the hotel. Alternatively shop around at many travel agents, pre-armed with details of specific hotels which can cater for the family with three or four young children.

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