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Your Guide to Halloween Candy

Published by Kira Bloom

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What Should Someone Give Out Around Halloween?

With all the crazy people out there today, candy is closely looked at. Make sure that the candy you pass out passes a parent’s inspection. Baked treats will probably be glanced at longer than other, store bought candies. If you do choose to bake treats, make sure kids remember who it is from. You might want to put your name and phone number on a card attached to the bag in case parents want to know who made the treat.

Apples make inexpensive and healthy treats, but they tend to be a little heavy in the candy bag. Smaller apples might be the key, or try another type of fruit. A package of raisins is also very healthy and a sweet treat kids will eat. If you need something better, try small packets of trail mix. More healthy treat ideas include pretzels, popcorn balls or sugarless candies. If you are opting for more healthy treats, tell parents or older kids assisting the younger ones what the items are, especially if you repackaged a popcorn ball into a Halloween bag.

Those tiny Halloween bags are great when you want to stuff candy and little toys all into one bag, just tell the parent or older kids what is inside. This is just in case little Susie or Jimmy chooses to stick their hands in the bag and might pull out something they would stick in their mouth. Those little ones are too curious for their own good!

Store bought candy works well for Halloween, but keep to the small sized candy bars unless you know you are only getting a few visitors. Those buckets have small holes at the top that might not fit odd sized shaped candies. Also, you don’t want anything that is too soft and squishy. Candies have to compete for room inside the Halloween bags.

A number of people have opted to give away cans of soda. Again, these items are very heavy and will end up crushing the candy inside any basket or bag. Also, the soda is going to get tossed around in the bag and might leak or explode if shaken too much. It is a nice idea, but perhaps handing the sodas or bottles of water to the parents or older children taking the younger kids around might be a nicer idea. Let the kids have the candy.

Also, tiny toys like those spider rings and necklaces should not be given to children younger than the age expressed on the box or package it came it. These small objects could be swallowed by smaller children. Parents might not realize if it has been thrown into the basket. They are easily overlooked.

As always, do check your own children’s candy. Look for where the candy has been opened and closed. Do not let kids eat candy or apples or anything from anywhere without checking out the contents first. Don’t let a kid snack on the candy while walking around. Make sure you can take a good look at the candy before you give it to your kids. Anything that has been opened or looks funny to you, toss it. Why take the risk? If it is an apple, slice it open before giving it to your kids. Wash it thoroughly. For baked goods, ask the children who they got it from. If they can’t remember, toss it.

Unfortunately, there are too many weird people who have been in the news that give out candy that is poisoned or contained something dangerous. Just be aware of this fact and keep an eye out for candy and keep your own candy you give out safe. If you are not sure, keep to candy that is bought from stores, ready for Halloween. Those are safe enough to distribute. There are healthy options that are also prepackaged and ready to go if you want to promote a healthy Halloween.




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