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Yummy, Healthy Snacks for Kids’ Halloween Parties

Published by Celine Treso

Healthy Snacks for Kids’ Halloween Parties: Treats that Little Monsters Will Love but that Won’t Scare Parents – Halloween parties usually center around candy, caramel apples, and eerie dry-ice punch. While kids might salivate at the sight of the buffet table, their parents are usually girding their loins for the stomachaches and eventual cavities. There are ways to strike a happy medium between tasty and healthy during your Halloween festivities. Label each bowl or tray of scary snacks with terrifying titles and even warnings to “relish at your own risk.” Here are some party treats tested by real little ghouls and goblins:

Gooey Gorp Spiders

Mix three parts peanut butter with one part granola. Roll mixture into balls, then roll in additional granola. Add eight pretzel legs and two chocolate chip eyes. The snacks will look creepy on your table, but kids will love the sweet and salty combination. Parents will be glad their kids are getting a little protein to offset some of the inevitable sugar of the holiday.

Edible Eyeballs

Insert one raisin into the stem hole of each grape. You can fill of a bowl with these eyeballs if you have little ones to help you make them, or you can fill individual cups with grapes, then just leave two staring “eyeballs” out of the top.

Bloody Merry Berry Smoothie

Mix a small container of yogurt (8 oz.) with a cup of frozen mixed berries, orange juice concentrate (4 oz.) and ice cubes in blender. You can serve your creation from a cauldron or pour into black, plastic cups.

Pumpkin Bagel Sandwiches

Make sandwiches using small bagels. Leave hole in the center of sandwich for placement of “stem” (celery stick). Sandwiches may be filled with a variety of meats and cheeses. Place on plate around real miniature pumpkin.

Crispy Beetles in a Bowl

Mix almonds with black food coloring to dye them. Let dry, then put in bowl. Label bowl as “legless beetles.”

Carrot/Celery Snakes

Create a long trail of baby carrots or celery bites, which may be filled with cheese. Add peppercorn snake eyes to the head, as well as a tongue made from red apple peel. Snake dip is optional.

Bobbing” Apples

This snack is simple but a welcome and less-gross variation on the traditional activity of bobbing for apples in a germ-filled tub of water. Find apples with the stems still attached. Tie a string to each stem, then hang the strings from darkly decorated branches of an alpine tree or even to a coat rack. Guests can try to get a bite of an apple, then can take it off and finish the fruit in a more dignified manner.

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